vegan, cruelty-free & absolutely no palm oil

our vegan soap bars are specifically curated without SLS, palm oil and parabens. handmade soap, lip scrubs and soy candles that are good for you and the planet.

gifts £15 and under

soy candles

wax melts and tarts

vegan soy wax melts and tarts - long-lasting, reusable and strong-smelling. sit back, de-stress and relax as the delicious scents fill the room...

gifts £25 and under

vegan soap, lip scrubs and soy candles you'll love

our vegan soap for men and women is handmade right here in the UK, palm oil and cruelty-free. ditch plastic shower gel wash and opt for a eco-friendly alternative with our homemade hand and body soap bars.

Try out a lip scrub, with natural exfoliator and delicious sugar, infused with yummy flavour for smooth lips.

soy candles are crafted with strong-smelling scents, with their eco wicks making them long-lasting. the vegan soy wax is more eco-friendly as the plant is grown quicker than it can be consumed.

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