eco-friendly, cruelty-free and sustainable - buff soap and candles

sustainability isn't a word we throw around lightly at buff. we take pride and care in our products having recyclable and sustainable packaging. our handmade soap bars are wrapped in waxed paper and cardboard boxes, whereas our lip scrubs are placed in cosmetic-grade glass jars which can be reused, repurposed or recycled at home. our soy wax candles - which use eco-friendly wicks - are also kind to the planet with frosted glass containers you can find new uses for around the home or recycle locally.

when we send out your order promptly, they are mailed in cardboard boxes, and we do not use any form of shrink wrap plastic for our products. to ensure your gorgeous items arrive safely in one piece, we use paper and biodegradable corn 'worms' inside the boxes. in some cases, we will re-use not-so-friendly packaging worms we receive in supply orders because we don't believe they should be used just once before they meet the landfill. we hope you will also re-use any packaging you see fit before they part with your home.

as part of our cruelty-free beliefs, our handmade soap bars and lip scrubs include absolutely no palm oil, parabens or SLS in the formula. we instead worked extra hard to hand pour beautiful products without harming habitats in the rainforest by using palm oil. we also choose to pay more for paper and cardboard packaging to save plastic from the oceans. whether you decide to have SLS and parabens in your own skincare routine is an individual choice, but our ingredients are just as amazing as they are so you won't need to worry about that either because they're not present.

we completely oppose animal testing and use reputable suppliers here in the UK who also ensure the supply chain follows the latest UK and EU guidelines.

not only that, but all of our skincare products have been individually assessed by certified chemists to make sure they are kind to your skin.

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