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How to clean a wax burner

It's easy to forget to clean your wax melter, especially while enjoying trying out different scents when you fancy something new. But it's important to remember to give it a freshen up every once in a while so you don't lose out on dampening your favourite smells.

Do I need to clean by wax melter?

Cleaning your wax burner will help it to function properly and ensure it still gives off those gorgeous scents. Neglecting proper maintenance of your wax burner can greatly impact your overall experience.

One of the primary reasons to clean your wax burner is to remove residue leftover from melted wax. Over time, it can build up and affect the scent of future melts. The residue can mix with new wax and alter the intended fragrance.

As residue builds up, it can clog the heating dish, causing it to work less efficiently or even malfunction. This can result in uneven melting of the wax or a lower temperature, preventing you from experiencing the full benefits or long-lasting scents a properly functioning wax burner offers.

How to Clean Your Wax Burner

So, let's dive into the details on how to clean your wax burner efficiently and safely.

Scrape Off Wax

Scraping off wax from a wax pot can be easily done using a plastic scraper, spoon or even a card. However, it is crucial to handle this process with care to avoid scratching the delicate surface of the wax burner.

To begin, ensure that the wax has completely cooled down and hardened before attempting to remove it. This will prevent any accidents or damage to the wax burner. Once the wax has solidified, take a clean plastic scraper or credit card and gently press it against the edge of the wax.

Using a scraping motion, carefully slide the plastic scraper or card across the wax, applying just enough pressure to remove the wax without exerting too much force that could potentially scratch the surface. It is important to be patient and gentle during this step to avoid any accidental mishaps.

Continue scraping off the wax until all of it has been removed from the wax pot. Take breaks in between if necessary to ensure that you do not rush the process and compromise the integrity of the wax burner.

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Cotton Ball and Rubbing Alcohol

Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto the cotton ball, damp cloth or paper towel until it is fully saturated. Be careful not to oversaturate the cotton ball, as you want it to be damp, not dripping.

Once the cotton ball is soaked, start by wiping the interior of the wax warmer. Gently scrub the main areas where wax residue may be present, such as the sides and the bottom of the warmer. The rubbing alcohol will help dissolve the wax and break it down, making it easier to remove.

Continue wiping with cotton pads until all visible residue is eliminated. If there are any stubborn stains or residue, apply a bit more pressure to the cotton ball while scrubbing. Be cautious not to damage the wax melt burner in the process.

After successfully removing all the wax residue, discard the used cotton ball and replace it with a fresh one. Pour some additional rubbing alcohol onto the new cotton ball and repeat the process to ensure a thorough cleaning of the warmer dish.

Once finished, allow the wax warmer to fully dry before using it again. This will prevent any potential damage or malfunctions.

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Vinegar and Baking Soda

To effectively remove wax residue and neutralise odours, follow these simple steps using vinegar and baking soda:

Mix equal parts vinegar and baking soda to create a paste. Ensure the paste is well-mixed and has a consistent texture.

Apply the vinegar and baking soda paste to the cotton pads or straight onto the warmer dish. Use a cloth or sponge to spread the paste evenly. Make sure the entire area is covered with the paste.

Let the paste sit on the surface for several minutes. This allows the vinegar and baking soda to penetrate the wax residue and odours, loosening them for easy removal.

After the paste has sat for the recommended time, scrub the interior surface with a damp cloth or sponge. Apply gentle pressure and scrub in circular motions to effectively remove the wax residue and any lingering odours.

Rinse the surface thoroughly with water. Make sure to remove all traces of the vinegar and baking soda paste.

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Soap and Water

To clean the wax melter with soap and water, if you have an electric burner, start by unplugging the warmer from the power source to eliminate any risk of electric shock.

Once the warmer is unplugged, remove any remaining wax from the interior of the warmer. This can be done by gently scraping off the wax using a spoon or a spatula.

The soap can be a mild dishwashing soap or any other suitable for cleaning purposes. Mix the soap and warm water thoroughly until the soap is well dissolved in the water.

Take a clean cloth or sponge and dip it into the soapy water mixture. Gently wipe down the interior surfaces of the wax warmer, ensuring that all areas are covered and any residue is removed. Pay extra attention to any stubborn wax remnants that may be stuck to the surface.

Once the interior is clean, rinse it thoroughly with warm water to remove any soap residue. Dry the interior with a clean cloth to prevent any moisture accumulation.

What Should You Not Do When Removing Wax Out Of A Burner?

One common mistake to avoid is using sharp objects, such as knives or screwdrivers, to scrape off the wax. This can easily result in scratches or damage to the burner, especially if it is made of delicate materials like glass or ceramic. Instead, it is advisable to use a plastic card or spatula to gently scrape off the wax without causing any harm.

Another precaution to take is to avoid applying excessive force when removing the wax. It is tempting to forcefully pry or scrape off the hardened wax, but this can cause the burner to break or the wax to splatter and cause burns. It is crucial to exercise patience and gently work on removing the wax without exerting unnecessary pressure.

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