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shop our range of soy wax melts and tarts for oil and tea light burners. our wax melts are made with the best fragrances and scents so they are strong-smelling and long-lasting. handmade in the UK, each vegan wax melt is crafted with natural soy and is cruelty-free.

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soy wax melts and tarts

what is in our wax candle melts?

our wax melts scents are infused with long-lasting fragrances that stick around. the soy wax melts are UK-made and pack a punch with their strong-smelling scents. we handmade all of our scented wax melts with soy as it's a natural and more eco-friendly alternative that is completely vegan as it isn't derived of animal byproducts. soy wax is considered better for mother nature because it can be grown quicker than it's harvested and doesn't contain beeswax.

what wax melt scents are available?

our candle melts and soy wax tarts have various scents, from sweet birthday cake to fruity watermelon mojito. when it comes to our best-selling favourite, customers buy wax melts like our lemongrass and persian lime or lavender for a zesty and floral fragrance. our wax melt gift set is packed with each of our scents so you can try them all or gift them to someone special.

our long lasting wax melts are also scented

each of our wax tarts or candle wax melt is scented with strong-smelling and long lasting fragrance. whether it's a smaller melt you're after, or a larger wax tart, they can be reused over and over for up to ten times or more! when you're candle met burner has self-extinguished or turned off, simply allow the fragranced wax melts to cool for next time. when you desire a change or want to switch up the scented wax melts, you can wipe away the excess or gently remove the cooled-down mixture with a spoon. then choose another fragranced melt, sit back and relax!

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