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our handmade vegan soap bars for men and women are a natural alternative to plastic shower gel in the supermarket. the hand and body soap wash and cleanse your skin while being eco-friendly and kind to the environment. shop our range of cruelty-free soaps made right here in the UK.


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vegan soap bars

our products are kind to the environment

we're proud our shop range of vegan soaps are eco-friendly and vegetarian-safe with no palm oil, parabens or SLS. when it comes to our UK vegan soap bars, our lemongrass and persian lime soap is a customer-favourite, thanks to the zesty fragrance and added apricot powder which is a natural exfoliant scrubbing away dead and dry skin. the vegan soap bar is wrapped in recyclable waxed paper and cardboard boxes so there's no plastic involved either.

is every vegan bar soap cruelty-free?

yes! handmade soaps we make right here in the UK - near the Thames Estuary, is cruelty-free soap. all of our vegan toiletries and their raw ingredients are not tested on animals and come from reputable suppliers who also care about where they come from. we strive to be one of the UK brands that are eco-friendly when it comes to choosing organic, natural and the best ingredients for our vegan bath products, no matter if it's a bar soap infused with lavender essential oil or citrus-packed lime fragrance. whether you're looking for vegan soap bars to spice up your shower experience, or a simple and effective body wash, each handmade bar packs a punch.

we don't like plastic

when it comes to our UK bar soap and vegan toiletries like our sugar lip scrubs, we avoid plastic every step of the way for you. our hand soaps are wrapped in paper and cardboard boxes, our lip scrubs come in recyclable glass jars and our soy wax candles luxury frosted glass can be reused when you've enjoyed every last drop. to save you from using plastic shower puffs or sponges, we also offer eco-friendly soap saver bags, meaning you can enjoy your vegan soap bar even longer and without waste. we've put in the hours and perfected how to make vegan soap at home.

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something not quite right?

if you have any questions or problems with your order, just contact us right away so we can make it right. we have a 30-day refund and return policy for every single item.