What is vegan soap made out of? Ingredients, ethics, and environmental impact

What is vegan soap made out of? Ingredients, ethics, and environmental impact

When it comes to personal care products, veganism is not limited to dietary choices alone. Vegan soap, an increasingly popular alternative to traditional soaps, is crafted without any animal-derived ingredients and avoids any harm caused to our animal friends. We explore the common ingredients found in vegan soap, highlight the ingredients it avoids from other store-bought soaps, discuss the impact of palm oil on the environment, and shed light on the benefits of using vegan soap in skincare.

What is vegan soap made of?

Vegan soap is typically made using plant-based ingredients, allowing individuals to enjoy effective personal hygiene while staying true to their ethical values. Here are some common ingredients you'll find in vegan soaps:

Vegetable Oils: Vegan soap often incorporates nourishing oils like olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and avocado oil. These oils provide moisture, cleanse the skin, and offer various skin-loving benefits.

Essential Oils: Vegan soaps frequently utilise essential oils to add fragrance and therapeutic properties. Soap bars with Lavender essential oil, or tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus are just a few examples of the diverse range of essential oils used in vegan soap.

Natural Butters: Soaps with Shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter are popular additions to vegan soap due to their moisturising and nourishing qualities. These butters help promote softer and smoother skin.

Natural Colorants: Vegan soap makers often incorporate natural colorants like clays, herbal infusions, and plant-based powders (like soaps with apricot powder, that offers exfoliation but also colouring) to add visual appeal to their creations. These colorants are derived from plants and minerals, avoiding the use of artificial dyes.

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What ingredients are found in soap bars that are not vegan?

Vegan soap actively avoids ingredients commonly found in non-vegan soaps. Here are some ingredients vegans opt to exclude:

Animal Fats: Traditional soaps often contain tallow (rendered animal fat) or lard (rendered pork fat). Vegan soap replaces these animal-derived fats with plant-based oils.

Milk and Honey: Some soaps include milk, honey, or other bee-derived ingredients for their skincare benefits. Vegan soap avoids these animal-derived additives, opting for plant-based alternatives.

Lanolin: Lanolin, a waxy substance derived from sheep's wool, is commonly used in skincare products for its moisturizing properties. However, vegan soap skips lanolin and instead incorporates plant-based moisturisers.

Collagen: Derived from animal tissues, collagen is widely used in anti-aging products. Vegan soap relies on plant-based ingredients that naturally promote youthful-looking skin.

Is palm oil vegan and is it bad?

Palm oil is vegan. It's not derived from an animal byproduct however, due to it's effect on habitats in rainforests, some people choose to avoid it. It is a widely used ingredient in the soap industry due to its versatile nature and low cost. However, its production has significant environmental consequences. Palm oil plantations often result in deforestation, habitat destruction, and the loss of biodiversity.

Certified sustainable palm oil, marked with the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) logo, aims to minimise the negative impacts associated with palm oil production. It promotes the use of sustainable farming practices, protecting habitats and supporting local communities. However, it can be challenging to determine the true sustainability of palm oil due to the complexities of its supply chain.

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What are the benefits of vegan soap?

Using vegan soap not only aligns with ethical values but also offers several benefits for skincare. Vegan soaps often exclude harsh chemicals and synthetic additives that can cause skin irritation. They are typically formulated with natural ingredients that are gentle and suitable for all skin types.

Vegan soap frequently incorporates plant-based oils, butters, and essential oils that help hydrate and nourish the skin. These ingredients promote healthier and more radiant-looking skin. It is produced without harming animals. By choosing vegan products, you contribute to the ethical treatment of animals and support a cruelty-free industry. Bare in mind, not every single bar of vegan soap is guaranteed to be cruelty-free. Cruelty-free means that no animals were harmed, or used in testing of raw materials and ingredients in the process of production. A product can be vegan but also test on animals, so it's worth checking before you buy. In most cases, companies that choose to offer solely vegan products may also be aligned to be against animal testing.

Vegan soap avoids ingredients derived from animal agriculture, which is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and environmental degradation. By choosing vegan options, you reduce your ecological footprint.

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So, are they worth it?

Vegan soap offers a compassionate and environmentally conscious alternative to traditional soaps. By utilising plant-based ingredients, vegan soap provides a cruelty-free, gentle, and effective cleansing experience. Furthermore, by avoiding ingredients like animal fats, milk, and honey, vegan soap promotes ethical practices and aligns with vegan values.

However, it's essential to remain vigilant about the use of palm oil in personal care products. While certified sustainable palm oil is a step in the right direction, ensuring its true sustainability remains a challenge. By staying informed and supporting companies committed to ethical and eco-friendly practices, we can make a positive impact on our planet.

So, the next time you reach for a bar of soap, consider choosing a vegan option - check out our vegan bar soaps here. Not only will you be treating your skin to natural and nourishing ingredients, but you'll also contribute to a kinder world for animals and a greener planet for all.

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