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How to make soap bars last longer

First, congratulations on purchasing handmade soap! Nothing beats the lathery experience of buffing away dry skin cells and leaving behind nourished, squeaky clean skin. We want to ensure that you maximise its longevity and enjoy the full benefits of bar soap.

While natural soap bars may wear away more quickly than commercial brands due to the absence of hardening agents and detergents, we have compiled a list of tips to help your soap bar last longer, allowing you to continue experiencing its skin-softening properties.

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10 tips on how to make bar soaps last longer

  1. Slice it up: To extend the lifespan of your vegan soap bar, consider slicing it into separate wedges. Using a cutting board and chef's knife, divide the soap bar into quarters. You can then distribute each quarter to different locations where you need soap, such as bathroom sinks, showers, or kitchen sinks. Store the unused wedges in a cool, dry cupboard or closet. By using smaller portions of the soap bar, you keep the majority of it dry, using only what you need when you need it.

  2. Opt for a raised soap dish or tray: Invest in a raised soap dish or soap tray that allows proper water drainage around the bar. Soap dish, are designed specifically for this purpose. They enable your soap bar to dry out after each use and prevent it from sitting in a puddle of water, prolonging its lifespan.

  3. Utilise a sisal soap saver bag: Consider using a mesh soap bag, such as our natural fibre sisal soap bags. These bags allow the soap bar to dry out completely after each time you use it, so it's in top shape next time you bathe. Simply place your soap bar or soap scraps inside the bag, and when you're done, hang it on the faucet to allow it to drip dry. This ensures effective water drainage, preventing the soap from becoming waterlogged.

  4. Keep it away from water: Moisture is the enemy of a long-lasting soap bar. Avoid keeping your soap bar wet, as water breaks down its consistency and necessitates more frequent replacement. Store your soap in a location that is not constantly exposed to water, such as away from the direct stream of the shower.

  5. Let it air dry: Allowing your soap bar to air dry between uses promotes hardness, making it less likely to crumble and extending its lifespan. When your soap is left to completely dry, the bar will last longer over time. If multiple people are using the same soap bar, it may need to be replaced more frequently due to less drying time between showers.

  6. Choose an appropriate soap dish: Ensure your soap is kept in a soap dish with proper drainage. Wire racks, bamboo soap dishes, or self-draining soap dishes are recommended. Avoid soap dishes without drainage, as they retain moisture and make it harder for your soap to dry out between uses. Some aesthetically pleasing plastic and stainless steel soap dish designs may lack drainage, leading to soggy soap.

  7. Use a washcloth or loofah: Opt for a washcloth or loofah instead of using your hands alone. By using a washcloth or loofah, you create more lather, allowing it to go farther in cleaning your body and reducing overall soap usage.

  8. Take cooler showers: Hot water can dissolve your soap bar more quickly and require more effort to create lather. Taking cooler showers helps the soap maintain its shape and consistency for a longer period, prolonging its lifespan.

  9. Consider water hardness: Softer water can also contribute to prolonging the life of your soap bar compared to hard shower water. If possible, install a water softener or utilise water filters to reduce the hardness of your shower water.

  10. Convert it into liquid soap: If you prefer liquid soap, you can easily convert your bar soap into a liquid form. Use a grater to scrape pieces off your bar of soap, taking approximately 1 ounce of grated soap and placing it in a jar or container. Add two cups of clean, filtered water - or distilled water which can be bought from many suppliers overnight. Now, let it sit overnight. Before use, stir the mixture well to create liquid soap that can be easily dispensed.

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By following these tips, you can maximise the lifespan of your handmade soap, ensuring that you get the most out of its natural goodness - and so it lasts longer. Enjoy the luxurious experience and the benefits it brings to your skin.

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