Nighttime skin routine: Tips for a bright and balanced complexion

Nighttime skin routine: Tips for a bright and balanced complexion

Taking care of our skin is an essential part of our daily routine. From removing makeup and dirt to nourishing and moisturising, our skin requires attention and care to stay healthy and glowing. This nighttime skincare routine has been curated to achieve just that.

Step 1: First Cleanse

The first step in any skincare routine should always be to remove any dirt, grime, or makeup. It is most effective when removed with warm water and a cloth. This step not only cleanses the skin but also provides a good base for the next steps.

Using a gently vegan handmade soap with added shea butter will leave the skin silky smooth and refreshed.

Step 2: Second Cleanse

The second step is to gently exfoliate the skin with a facial wash or scrub. It can include natural exfoliator like our soaps with apricot powder, activated charcoal or poppy seeds.

These ingredients gently stimulate circulation while powdered charcoal or clay thoroughly cleanses the skin. This step is essential to remove any dead skin cells and to reveal a fresh, glowing complexion.

Step 3: Mask

The third step is to use a mask two to three times a week. You can choose which face mask to use, whether it's to smooth texture, unclog pores or to add hydration with pink or bentonite clay, as an example.

Looking for a gentle cleanser? Our goji berry and blood orange vegan soap bar is kind to your skin and super nourishing.

Step 4: Tone

The fourth step is to use a toner to remove any traces of the face mask or cleanser. Toners are also incredibly important as they restore pH balance to the skin which is stripped after cleansing. Place toner on a cotton pad and brush it against the skin in upward motions.

Step 5: Deeply Condition

The fifth step is to deeply condition the skin using a face oil or serum, say hyloraunic acid. This step adds moisture and hydration back into the skin, and with dirt, oil and dry skin removed, can penetrate deeper. This helps to nourish the skin and provides a dewy glow.

Step 6: Moisturise

The final step is to moisturise the skin, with a rich and thick moisturiser or a water-based cream for people with oily skin types.

In conclusion, following a skincare routine is essential to achieve healthy, glowing skin. The above steps have been curated to achieve just that. By following this routine, one can effectively remove dirt and grime, exfoliate the skin, nourish and deeply condition the skin, and provide adequate moisture to achieve a radiant and healthy glow.

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