Nighttime skin routine: 5 tips for a better complexion

Nighttime skin routine: 5 tips for a better complexion

Finding the best nighttime skin routine can be difficult and long-winded, but once you master the perfect regime for you, your complexion will thank you for it. Here are some tips towards the best nighttime skin routine.

Step One: Cleanse

Cleansing is one of the most important steps in any skincare routine, whether it’s at night before bed or first thing in the morning. Cleansing will get to work by removing dirt, grease and oil as well as smoothing out dry and flaky skin on the surface. It’ll leave you with a soft and clean surface for the other steps.

Start out with a gentle and mild cleanser, something which isn’t too abrasive - like our handmade vegan soap bars, which are soft and nourishing with added shea butter.

Step Two: Double Cleanse

The benefits of double cleansing are well-regarded, the first cleanse removes the top layer of dirt and sebum whereas the second cleanse offers a deeper clean and/or exfoliation.

Choosing a facial wash with gentle exfoliating properties, like oatmeal, apricot powder, grapefruit or raspberry seeds are better suited than harsher exfoliators. Work in small and circular motions across the face, without staying in the same place for too long or you could irritate the skin.

Shop our range of vegan soap bars infused with shea butter so they leave your skin smooth to touch after every use.

Step Three: Face mask

Face masks, depending on which one you use, can be applied once or twice a week. There are various types of masks, smoothing that add another exfoliating experience, calming, which reduces redness and inflammation, or hydrating.

Choose your favourite face mask to use, or mix up two different masks to combat various complexion issues - like an oil-control mask on the T-Zone and a hydration boost on the cheeks. Once complete, remove with warm water and a muslin cloth.

Step Four: Toner

Toner is one of the steps of a nighttime skin routine which is often easily missed. Toning is extremely important! Your skin is naturally slightly acidic, and when we cleanse and exfoliate, it changes and alters the natural pH balance of your face. Toner works by levelling out the pH back to it’s natural level while offering other benefits.

Some facial toners offer brightening, glowing, ant-blemish or hydrating benefits, so you can pick one which is best for you. If you want to combat acne, sebum and extra oil, try a toner with salicylic or glycolic acid, as these are great at fighting against blemishes and spots. If you want a calming toner, try a rose-infused or tea tree item that fights redness.

You can spray the toner onto a reusable cotton pad and wipe across the face and neck in an upward motion. Let it dry. You don’t need to wash off toner.

Step Five: Hydration

The best and final step of all of any nighttime routine - hydration. We’ve cleansed and toned the face so it’s in need of restoring. Our bodies, including our skin, repair itself when we sleep at night, so adding a deep moisturiser will leave your complexion soft and silky smooth.

You can either opt for a thick and rich cream, or a lightweight gel moisturiser if you suffer from oily skin. Apply the cream to the face and neck and let it sink in and work its magic! Then wake up to glorious and bright skin.

If you prefer an added step, you can apply a serum or oil before a moisturiser - say hyloraunic acid or retinol. Always apply these before the moisturiser because thick creams act as a barrier and products won’t penetrate as effectively.

For the best first step in an effective skincare regime, take a look at our soap bars and lip scrubs.

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