Best winter skincare tips - stay hydrated in colder months

Best winter skincare tips - stay hydrated in colder months

Winter weather can wreak havoc on the skin with its cold temperatures, dry heating indoors, sharp winds, and lack of sunlight. The good news is that you can take care of your skin during these colder months with a few simple tweaks to your beauty routine. By following these tips, you can enjoy the winter season without worrying about the way you look and have great skin regardless of what is happening outside.

Best tips for winter skincare

The first step in your beauty routine should be a gentle cleanse. A gentle formula can prevent that unpleasant, tight skin feeling that often comes with cleansing in cold weather.

Mild cleansers sometimes are not foaming or produce a strong lather - it doesn’t mean they don’t do the job properly either. Cleansing removes dirt, grease, oil and extra sebum, leaving behind a clean and smoother complexion. The best are vegan and gentle soap bars infused with nourishing benefits, like shea butter or glycerin.

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Exfoliating regularly can help to brighten the skin and boost blood circulation. You can choose to double cleanse or to use a gentle scrub filled with natural exfoliators like our lemon soap with apricot powder, watermelon bar with poppy seeds, or opt for grapefruit seeds or oatmeal.

In the winter months, spending more time in air-conditioned rooms or out in cold winds can leave skin feeling more sensitive - especially if walking in from the cold to a warm home. The change in temperature can be a problem for the skin.

Toners can help moisturisers penetrate the pores further for extra hydration and will leave your skin feeling seriously clean. While using a toner, spray it onto a cotton pad or directly onto your face, breathing in the relaxing scent before wiping it away and enjoying soft skin.

Tea tree oil will keep your face clean and clear due to its antiseptic nature, while rose and lavender will calm and balance your skin. If you are feeling under the weather, inhale the steam to relieve blocked sinuses. Check out our soothing tea tree oil soap infused with activated charcoal.

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What skincare to use in the winter

The skin around the eyes is naturally more sensitive and usually needs a different formula than normal face cream or moisturiser. Try investing in a gentle eye cream that can give you back that bright-eyed feeling, some formulas also include vitamin E, C or caffeine to brighten up the skin. Use a small amount, dabbing it along the line of the cheekbone and up towards the brow bone.

End your routine with a generous slather of rich moisturiser to lock in enhancing oils and butters for supple and soft skin. There are plenty of moisturisers to choose from, but here are a couple of top picks for chillier days.

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