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How to use wax melts: Discover the fragrant revolution

Welcome to a world of captivating scents and cosy ambience. If you're looking for an alternative to traditional candles, then wax melts are the perfect choice. These little gems provide a flameless way to fill your space with delightful aromas.

We'll delve into the enchanting world of wax melts, exploring their origins, various types of burners, wax options, and the benefits they offer over candles. So, get ready to indulge your senses and transform your home into a fragrant haven!

What are wax melts?

Wax melts, also known as wax tarts or wax cubes, are small blocks or discs of scented wax. They are designed to be slowly melted using a wax melt burner, releasing a captivating fragrance into the air.

The melts are made from a combination of waxes, fragrances, and often colourants. They come in a wide variety of scents, ranging from floral and fruity to warm and spicy, allowing you to create a personalised aromatic experience.

What wax melt burner do I use?

Using soy wax melt tarts is incredibly simple. Place a wax melt on the top of a wax melt burner, which typically consists of a shallow dish or tray atop a heat source. The heat source can be an electric element, a tea light candle, or even a light bulb. When the heat is applied, the wax begins to melt, releasing its fragrance.

There are various types of burners available, each offering a unique aesthetic and functionality. Some popular options include:

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Tea Light Burners: These burners use a tea light candle to heat the wax melt. The flickering flame adds a cosy touch to the ambience.

Electric Burners: Electric burners eliminate the need for an open flame. They use a heating element to melt the wax safely. This option is convenient and offers a constant and controlled temperature. Electric and bulb burners tend to reach lower temperatures so some wax melts may have a harder time consistently melting.

Bulb Warmers: Bulb warmers feature a special light bulb designed to generate heat. As the bulb warms up, it melts the wax, diffusing the fragrance into the room. They often serve as decorative elements in addition to their functionality.

What types of wax melts are there?

Wax melts are made from a variety of waxes, with soy wax and paraffin wax being the most common options.

Soy Wax: Derived from soybean oil, soy wax is a natural and renewable resource. It burns cleaner and slower than paraffin wax, providing a longer-lasting fragrance. Soy wax melts are an eco-friendly choice, as they produce less soot and are biodegradable.

Paraffin Wax: Paraffin wax is a byproduct of petroleum refining. It is widely used in wax melts due to its affordability and ability to hold fragrance well. However, paraffin wax may release more soot when burned compared to soy wax.

The size of wax melts can vary. They often come in standard cube shapes or smaller soy wax tart-like shapes. The size difference primarily affects the amount of fragrance released and the melt's overall longevity. Tarts typically have a faster scent throw and may require more frequent changing, while larger melts last longer but release fragrance more gradually.

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Are soy wax melts worth it?

Soy wax offers numerous benefits when used in wax melts and tarts:

Clean Burning: Soy wax produces minimal soot and toxins, contributing to better indoor air quality.

Longer Lasting: Soy wax melts have a slower burn rate, providing hours of fragrance.

Environmentally Friendly: Soy wax is a renewable resource and biodegradable, making it a sustainable choice.

Easy Cleanup: Spills and residue from soy wax melts are easier to clean compared to paraffin wax.

Do wax melts smell longer?

Wax melts offer a wide array of fragrances, allowing you to tailor your ambience to suit your mood. From refreshing citrus scents to comforting vanilla and soothing lavender, the options are endless.

Furthermore, many wax melt manufacturers offer custom blends and unique combinations, ensuring a scent to match every preference.

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What are the differences between wax melts and candles?

While both wax melts and soy wax candles serve as aromatic enhancers, they have some notable differences:

Safety: Wax melts eliminate the risks associated with an open flame, making them safer for homes with pets or children. There's no need to worry about forgetting to blow out a candle.

Longevity: Wax melts often last longer than candles. As the wax melts slowly, the fragrance is gradually released, providing hours of aroma.

Versatility: With wax melts, you have the freedom to mix and match scents, creating your own unique fragrance blends. Candles, on the other hand, offer a single scent per candle.

Environmentally Friendly: Soy-based wax melts are an eco-conscious choice, as soy wax is biodegradable and renewable.

Wax melts are a delightful and versatile alternative to traditional candles. With their captivating fragrances, easy usage, and variety of options, they add a touch of luxury to any space. Whether you prefer the clean burn of soy wax or the affordability of paraffin wax, wax melts are a safe and eco-friendly choice.

So, why not immerse yourself in a world of aromas and elevate your home's ambience with the enchantment of our soy wax melts?

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